Home Tour: Virginia Cheek's Timeless, Airy Bungalow

Having put in two years in California, Atlanta inside creator Virginia Cheek needed to give her 1950's Atlanta lodge the indoor/outside feel she began to look all starry eyed at on the west drift. With a for the most part nonpartisan palette, Virginia draws on exemplary pieces combined contemporarily to make an agreeable, breezy home for her, her significant other, and her developing family. 

Ballard Designs: Virginia, thank you for having us. From the minute we ventured in your house, it's so brilliant and breezy and open. You've made an incredible showing with regards to of influencing your little home to feel bigger than it is. What style decisions do you think added to this vibe? 

Virginia Cheek: Thank you! I trust the vaporous impact is because of a blend of white dividers, a lot of normal daylight, and altered enriching. The floor-to-roof windows and normal daylight being critical. The roofs are just 8' high, but since we painted the dividers, trim, and roof a similar shading (Benjamin Moore's 'China White'), I think some about the rooms feel bigger than they truly are. 

BD: Most of the textures in your lounge and lounge area are strong, neutrals. Converse with us concerning why you picked impartial textures. 

VC: My lounge room furniture is extremely unique to me. My grandma presented to everything once more from the Paris Flea Market years prior, and it has been recuperated a few times. I reupholstered the couch and club seats around 6 years prior, and I picked neutrals and solids since I knew they would be going with us through various homes. We've had the furniture in 4 unique homes now, incorporating one in Los Angeles, and it has marvelously worked in each space. Now that we're in one place for a spell anyway, I'm enticed to reupholster again and fuse some example 

BD: There's unquestionably no lack of identity in the room, despite the fact that such a significant number of pieces are impartial. What's your most loved approach to bring a feeling of identity or character to a home? 

VC: In a nonpartisan room, the way to making it uncommon is high surface and high difference. Blending materials like wood, press, regular filaments, and fusing the shading dark can give an unbiased room that truly necessary edge. 

BD: I cherish the way you've shrouded your TV in this dim implicit. I didn't understand it was in there! How could you think up this piece and how is it built? 

VC: I looked for quite a long time for an old fashioned bureau yet I at long last surrendered to the way that I wouldn't discover one sufficiently shallow for the space, so I had this one implicit our garage. I outlined it from a couple of various French and English cupboards I found in old fashioned stores. I drew up a shop drawing, gave the woodworker the measurements and points of interest, and it turned out perfectly! It likewise gives awesome capacity. 

BD: We talked a smidgen about this on the podcast, yet you've combined heaps of wood tones in here. How would you do it with expectation and shield it from feeling like a jumble? 

VC: That's a decent inquiry. An incredible looking wood complete works with nearly anything. In my own particular home, I get a kick out of the chance to keep it new and more present day, so I kept away from an excess of mahogany or red wood tones. I blended some wealthier wood completes with a dark walnut and faded oak. I think the mystery is having them supplement each other however not be excessively comparable, if that bodes well. 

BD: You disclosed to me a tad bit about refreshing your kitchen and influencing it to stream more with the stylistic layout decisions in whatever is left of your home. What did it look like when you moved in and what little ventures had the greatest effect? 

VC: I never arranged a total upgrade of the kitchen, however finished the course of 2 years, I made a few updates. I began by supplanting the backsplash with beadboard for a brighter vibe, and supplanted the chrome spigot installation with an oil rubbed bronze complete to accentuate that farmhouse look. We introduced some roman shades and an antique light for a touch of patina. What's more, I lacquered the cupboards – the same as the first paint shading – yet the change was emotional. I hadn't understood how much the past paint had yellowed until the point when crisp paint was connected. 

BD: Storage is typically a test in an old house, however you have a super uncluttered, clean feeling of style. How would you tackle stockpiling and association issues in your home and keep things feeling open and breezy as well? 

VC: While I adore a comfortable, layered look, a cleaner approach is recently more useful for us, particularly since we are a developing family with 1500 square feet to work with! I was extremely purposeful with embellishments and made a point to choose them precisely. This is normally what I suggest for customers also. With regards to decorating, I lean toward an altered approach – picking the "right" protests and setting them in a purposeful way. Quality over amount. Regarding storeroom stockpiling, we have an indistinguishable difficulties from any proprietor of a 1950s home, so we went vertical and put resources into some great stepstools 

BD: You have wonderful casement windows in a few of the rooms and exemplary, twofold hung wooden windows in the receiving area. I adore how you brought together them by painting the front windows dark. Did you feel like that was a hazard? 

VC: I really think painting the window mullions dark was a need as opposed to a hazard. In the event that they were white like whatever is left of the dividers, the room would feel somewhat clean. The dark includes warmth and difference. 

BD: I adore the way you've hung your shower blind the distance at the roof. It influences the washroom to feel so huge! What different traps did you use to transform your lobby restroom into a lovely space visitors utilize when they come over? 

VC: Like the kitchen, I needed to stay away from a total remodel, so we made a progression of little updates. The upside to that was we could keep the vintage high contrast floor tiles I adored so much when we purchased the house. Basic alterations like reglazing the tub, supplanting the fan, and another vanity mirror and sconces improved things significantly. I additionally found an Atlanta-based organization – D'Sapone – who made an incredible showing with regards to cleaning our tile grout. 

BD: Talk to us about the visitor room. What do you think each visitor room needs? 

VC: In a perfect world, it's enjoyable to analyze in brightening the visitor room since it's not a room you live in consistently. However in this present reality, visitor rooms can here and there fall as a second thought as last need. So regardless of the possibility that you need to attend to the improving part, I would concentrate on the fundamentals – an agreeable sleeping cushion, some kind of window treatment for security, a place to drop a bag, similar to a seat toward the finish of the bed, a mirror, and a dresser (or wardrobe) to store garments, ought to do the trap. Those basics combined with a couple of civilities like crisp blossoms or a light by the bedside should make for an extremely fulfilled visitor! 

BD: Let's discussion about check bid, since I know you as of late relandscaped your yard. Reveal to all of us about it! 

VC: Yes, we at long last pulled the trigger on our front yard! Since this is most likely not our "eternity" home, I needed to keep it basic, great, and simple to keep up. After a discussion with a scene draftsman companion, I settled on boxwoods, a boxwood fence, Lady Banks Climbing Rose for over our parking space and spotlight hydrangeas. I gathered a few grower at the passage with funnel shaped boxwoods and occasional blooms I can change out for shading. I may include some crawling fig not far off. Presently I really appreciate hauling all through our carport each morning. 

BD: You do bunches of customer work around Atlanta, yet how was it distinctive planning for yourself versus another person? Is it harder? 

VC: I get that inquiry a ton – for me, it's all the more difficult to think of the underlying outline design in my own particular home. As planners, we're presented to such a significant number of styles and we see them done well, so it can be difficult to pick. In this house, I depended on the engineering for heading. I kept things generally exemplary … 'clean customary', and I'm so content with it. In any case, in the meantime, I could see us moving into another house down the line and going somewhat funkier. Could it be any more obvious? I cherish it all ?? So I must be mindful so as not to bounce around excessively. I trust the best methodology [for customers and for myself] is to pick a way toward the start and adhere to the first thought. 

BD: Does your better half Andrew give you free rule, or do you settle on enriching choices together? 

VC:? I know from customers this is uncommon, yet I essentially get free rule … I'm fortunate! 

BD: Most of the rooms in your home are quite unbiased, however not Ella's room! How could you approach improving your nursery? 

VC: Well I absolutely dedicated to the shading pink here, isn't that right? I figured it would be amusing to do a touch of exploring different avenues regarding the nursery, so I picked a shading palette and layered a few examples at various scales. I preferred keeping up an impartial, altered feeling in the general population spaces however blending it up in a portion of the optional spaces like the rooms. 

BD: We know you've done a ton of settling since you're expecting your first kid, so you've most likely checked off about everything on your rundown. Be that as it may, do you have some other tasks upcoming or things you intend to handle or change later on? 

VC: I would love to do the terrace and transform the parking space into a den. I adore associating indoor spaces to the outside, particularly in Atlanta since we have such a significant number of pleasant months out of the year. Furthermore, I think I have finishing fever. The more you find out about it the more you need to attempt! 

Thank you so much Virginia for letting us share your home! Be sure to listen to her podcast this week where we talk about compromising, budgets, style, carpet options, and much more.  To see more of Virginia’s interior design work, follow her on Instagram or check our her website.

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by:Caroline McDonald                     source:howtodecorate.com

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