This previous "laborers house" was changed into a refreshed decent space

 Photography by Peter Bennetts 

A for Architecture have as of late finished the change of an internal city weatherboard laborers bungalow in Melbourne, Australia, into a home for a developing youthful family. 

At the front of the little bungalow, two rooms were kept, however at the back of the cabin, the space was stretched out and opened up to the back garden. The new bit of the house incorporates an open floor design with the living range, eating region and the kitchen. 

Photography by Peter Bennetts

The material palette that was decided for the inside comprises of solid, block, timber and dark, as it's ready to persevere through the kids' bikes and footballs, while in the meantime giving a current and uncluttered stylish.  

hotography by Peter Bennetts 

The dark components of the kitchen, similar to the island and roof, make a sensational look while in the meantime complimenting the dark edges that encompass the windows and entryways at the inverse end of the open arrangement room.

 Photography by Peter Bennetts 

Adjacent to the kitchen is a foyer that interfaces the new expansion and the first rooms of the house.  

Photography by Peter Bennetts 

Here's a gander at one of the restrooms in the house. Straightforward white dividers and tiles are combined with dark floor tiles and a gliding vanity for a contemporary appearance. 

 Photography by Peter Bennetts 

Off the passage there's an arrangement of stairs that prompts the upper floor of the home. At the highest point of the stairs is a little worked in home office region, with a wood work area and open dark racking. 
Photography by Peter Bennetts | Built by SeventySeven Projects and Cocina Joinery

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